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Welcome to Bridge College!

Bridge College is a center of academic excellence where diverse students converge to learn, interact, broaden their horizons and capitalize on the opportunities around them.

We have been offering first class education for over 20 years to both local and international students from across the globe. The college lays great emphasis in offering practical and relevant training that will empower our graduates in the provision of outstanding service to society.

Our students connect and share a wonderful experience learning and exchanging ideas. Welcome “Where Great Minds Connect” on your journey to success.


School of English Language

A good command of English can ensure your success! English is the number one language for businesses around the world and an absolute essential with today’s high fliers…… Read More

School of Computer Studies

Computer systems are now relied on for a broad spectrum of duties, including bookkeeping, business communications, product design, manufacturing, inventory control, and marketing....... Read More

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School of Social Sciences

We Provide a broader understanding of society, ethics, politics, and policy-making, grappling with the complex theories which underpin these different elements. You will explore these aspects, learning to evaluate a range of different concepts using up-to-date methods........ Read More

School of Other Languages

We believe that teaching a language cannot be successful solely by routine and repetition but should be creative and communicative. We focus on learning to speak the language by instilling the most effective ways to master correct pronunciation and intonation......... Read More

School of Hospitality Management

Here you will learn how to improve in your role as hospitality manager by developing strategies that can be applied to your teams in the workplace. This program covers a wide range of content, from building a loyal guest base to finances to team building, giving you a set of skills needed to be successful in a management role. Knowing how to handle multiple facets of the hospitality industry will help you manage your organization to its fullest potential as well........ Read More

School of Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy

In the School of Hair Dressing & Beauty Therapy, we are giving the best training in cosmetology, beauty therapy hair Dressing, Nail work etc. Areas of training include nail technology, hairdressing, massage, cosmetology etc......... Read More

School of Engineering

This Department of Electrical and Power Engineering is concerned with the theory and application of electricity and the study of electrical systems based on the fundamentals of electrical engineering.......... Read More

School of Business Management

We provide a range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and problem solving abilities to enable students respond to the need for successful management and leadership of profit and not profit organizations in a dynamic environment........... Read More

Bridging Courses

Bridge College Offers a wide range of Bridging courses all over Kenya including mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc. We have enough and Quality Resources to offer the courses. We provide both KNEc and BCEB exams............ Read More