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A Bridge Of Knowledge

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One extraordinary day in 1992, a language teacher gathered five students in a small room in Nairobi and set them on a journey that would transform their communication skills in English and French to global standards. That was the birth of Bridge College.

For the next two and a half decades, the small school would take on more students and teachers, progressively evolving with the changing times to offer more on-demand programs and academic upgrades for local and international students.

Today, Bridge College is one of the oldest and most respected tertiary learning institutions in the city of Nairobi, Kenya.


To provide High Quality, Professional & Relevant training that will Empower the Workforce with Adequate Competencies & Employable Skills Relevant to the Job Market


To be a Premier Institution offering High Quality, Professional & Technical Education.

Core Values

Integrity | Excellence | Diversity







years of history

Our philosophy unites us at the core

We are a community of intellects from all backgrounds and walks of life, connecting over great ideas and the search for life’s solutions. We observe, create, innovate, build and package opportunities that transcend language and geographical barriers, spreading our impact to all corners of the world. That’s what makes us a center of academic excellence, a bridge from knowledge to opportunities.

Registered by

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Certificate No MOEST/PC/447/2000

Approved by

Technical and Vocational Educational Training Authority

Offer: 85+ Artisan, Certificate, Diploma Courses

Alumni Network

10,000+ Students Global Coverage:

East Africa, Francophone Africa, the rest of Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia.


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