This cause takes 2 terms, entry qualification grade is D- or KCPE and extermination and certification is provided by KNEC.

This six month certification teaches students the basics of store keeping so that they will be eligible to work and contribute effectively to all industries. Taken on-campus at the Kenya Institute of Professional Studies, this innovative course will provide learners information on key aspects of store management such as stock keeping, inventory organisation, and how to train and supervisor control stores personnel.

Store keeping plays a strategic role in the supply chain of an organisation and the success of an enterprise can be greatly affected by the efficiency of its store operations; efficient store management can save money and help retain customers, which is why employers are constantly on the lookout for individuals with professional skills in this area. If you’ve always wanted to work in a store environment and have an natural feel for organisation and control, then this course will build on those skills and ensure you build a stable and long-term career within the field.