Bridge College is focused on developing character and stimulating careers in the hospitality industry. Our objective is to support your interest in hospitality and empower your ambitions.

The courses we offer target those working or desiring to work in Tourism and Hotel establishments.

Graduates of tourism are employed in air travel as hostesses and ground staff, tour guiding, air ticketing etc. Graduates of Hotel and Catering have varied opportunities employed as caterers, hotel managers, front office staff, waiters.

Moreover, our learners are equipped with entrepreneurial skills which facilitate them to start-up, become self employed and have a chance to pass on their skills and become employers.

Our student body comprises school leavers who are developing their careers, those already working in the industry aiming to upgrade their skills, home-keepers who want to improve their culinary (cookery) and home-keeping skills, those in tour guiding and operations dealing with diverse nationalities and more.

Artisan, Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma Courses:

  • Diploma in Hotel & Catering
  • Artisan and Certificate in Food & Beverage
  • Diploma in Tour Guiding & Management
  • Certificate in Hotel Catering & Supervision
  • Diploma in Travel, Tourism Business & Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Travel & Air Ticketing-IATA-UFTAA
  • Diploma in Bakery Technology
  • Diploma in Pastry & Bakery
  • Diploma in Housekeeping
  • Foreign languages: French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese


These courses are examined by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), Institute of Commercial Management (ICM) & Bridge College (BCEB).

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